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Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:09 pm

Hi guys. I'm the twin Carl mentioned in their application, trying my hand at Nirvana. Afterall, Carl without a Nirvana is like Carl without his right arm. [In his book, maybe even worse! lol]

I thought it was interesting to do this. Nirvana's past is really something. I'm glad I took the time to tread further. -thumbs up-
For a Taokaka fan, I'm pretty impressed with myself, lol.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Just wanted to give a heads up on a special section I added in here, called "Citations". It's under a spoiler tag, because it's really long. Why is it so long? Well, it's because it corresponds with the little (numbers) that I put throughout Nirvana's application. I know the doll has a lot of clashing viewpoints, so I wanted to make my application for her as unbiased as possible. But at the same time, I wanted to back myself with canon facts that made me come to certain conclusions about her in the first place. So, if you're skeptical about anything I've said about her, that's what I compiled the "Citations" for.

Thanks for considering, and sorry if this application is kinda long.


Name: Deus Ex Machina Nirvana; Previously: Ada Clover

Gender: Appearance is female, although it is unknown whether she has a physical gender.

Age: 100 (1) ; As Ada, Presumably 20s to early 30s.

Race: Nox Nyctores; Previously: Human

Appearance: At over 6 feet, the doll looms over her companion. She has a strikingly womanish figure, with an impossibly small waist, followed by a wide set of hips. The teenie midsection is thanks to the fact that she doesn't really have a "waist", it's really an empty space backed by a robotic spine. The puppet's arms are very long, even a little longer than Taokaka's. Her legs are nothing more than thin, deer-like sticks, each ending in a hoof-like white plate that represents her "foot". Overall, her color scheme consists of various shades of purple, usually deeper in hue, with a bit of white and silver here and there. Nirvana's headdress sports one thick, golden hoop earring, which serves no use other than looking good. Another notable feature on Nirvana is the crack which trails down half the doll's face.(2) She also sports a rather futuristic looking hair style, which looks, basically, like Ada's - only if you were to take the woman's hair in the back, and morph it into a extra-terrestrial discus.

Additional Images from BB X Cure Booklet,[ some of these same images can also be found in the CT LE Artbook ]:

[Putting her images under a spoiler to save space.]

Loyalty: Carl Clover

Personality: Though this lovely doll is shrouded in a thick cloud of mystery, one fact appears to emerge from this fog: The mechanical marionette is the victim of heavy misunderstanding. Nirvana is unique in the league of weapons that she belongs to. While one would expect such an intro to be followed up by a telling of awesome power, Nirvana, once again, is different..What makes her special is not the level of power she possesses, as she is actually weaker than some of the other Nox Nyctores (3) . The marionette is unique in that she harbors human-like qualities. Nirvana has shown to possess emotions. These include, at the very least, fear, caring, forgiveness, and concern.(4) The machine seems to be extremely nervous around individuals who she deems a "threat". Whenever Nirvana's personality does shine through, it appears to be benevolent and benign.(5) Whether or not this is due to the possibility that Nirvana still consciously retains Ada Clover's thoughts and feelings is left to speculation. There is no denying that Carl's world revolves around Nirvana. However, this affection is not onesided, which is extraordinary for these weapons. Nirvana shows concern for the boy's wellbeing, and she alerts him if the duo are approaching danger. Nirvana is protective of Carl, even going so far as willingly sacrificing herself in replace of her master, even if it means deliberately disobeying his wishes.(6)

Weaponry: As the Nox Nyctores she is, Nirvana is a weapon herself, to her companion and master, Carl Clover. However, as the two are a team, they each deal their own blows in battle. The doll moves at a turtle-like pace, with a considerable delay between attacks. Thanks to Newton's 3rd Law, after preforming an attack, Nirvana will usually flop her body in awkward positions, [especially if the attack was a "fast" move], before she slowly resumes her inactive state. This slows her overall attack efficiency even further. That been said, it is no surprise that Nirvana acts as the brute force in the team, making the most of the few hits she gets. Her fighting is done almost exclusively with her lengthly arms and gargantuan hands. A well placed hit from her long, purple, pendulums of limbs will often leave the enemy stunned, or alternatively, send him or her flying through the air. This creates the perfect opportunity for the deadly duo to launch a synchronized attack [for example, the infamous clap loop, and other Carl and Nirvana sandwich moves].
While the puppet's arms are a real cause for concern, her hands are no less lethal. Nirvana can use her long, white claws to impale opponents, either by surging her arm forward whilst spinning the appendage in a drill-like fashion, [Con Fouco]; or by extending her claws to at least 10 times their normal length, catching an air-borne enemy by surprise [Con Brio].

Abilities: Deus Machina possesses many unique abilities, seeing as she is a special type of machine. These help the doll both inside and outside of battle.
For one, though physically the robot is a mute, she has some form telepathy that she is able to converse with.(7)
The doll also has the ability to regenerate her energy. She does this while in a decommissioned state, allowing her power to slowly refuel.
Nirvana can easily "teleport" to Carl when he summons her, even from many yards away.
Though a puppet, Nirvana has shown that she does, infact, have the ability to move on her own free will.(8)
She is also able to 'fly' in some way, though this hasn't been implemented anywhere other than in one of Carl's victory animations, so no one knows her capabilities in that area. One can assume that it must be power-consuming or otherwise strenuous for the robot. If it wasn't, you'd think she'd use the power more often, to overcome her slow mobility.

History: There are two parts to Nirvana's history - The doll's, as well as the human incorporated into her.(9) The journey of Nirvana itself began 100 years ago, in the time of the Dark War. Deus Machina Nirvana was created 4th, as one of the original 10 Nox Nyctores, weapons intended to be powerful enough to help in the defeat of the Black Beast. Nirvana's full Nox name is Kishin: Nirvana, where Deus Machina is actually the name she is localized under.(10)
It's unknown what the marionette went through in the long stretch of years following that fateful day, but the next link in her chain of events found her in the hands of none other than Relius Clover. It is rumored that the evil man brought the doll to NOL's Sector Seven in an attempt to revive her. There, Kokonoe helped the alchemist in the task of 'reconstructing' Nirvana...(11)
Now, we enter the fork in the road, in this timeline. We head off to Ada Clover, a sweet, kindhearted, and generous woman, who watches over her ward and younger brother, Carl Clover. The boy was top in his class, taking courses well beyond his child peers. The two shared a wonderful relationship, despite their large age gap. However, their peaceful existence was about to come to a screeching halt. Whether by deception or abduction, Relius found a way to manipulate his daughter right where he wanted her. The day before, the woman was baking cookies for her brother, tucking him in at night. The next, Ada was part of her deranged father's frankenstein project, her body hidden within the metal casing of a mysterious doll. Relius' "Organic Unit" was complete.(12)
By some miracle, Ada, now Nirvana, eventually found herself back with her beloved brother. However, she could hardly feel secure. She is entrapped below a thick veneer of infamy. Her outer appearance is solemn and intimidating, burning an irredeemable first impression in the minds of most of the Blazblue cast. Many fear the robot's affiliation with Carl compromises his safety, and accuse her of slowly plummeting his mental stability into a downward spiral of dementia. Ironically, any information that Carl might give out to debunk this thought is immediately disregarded as "crazy talk" [literately, the words of a mad man]. This assumption is fueled greatly by the fact that the doll has no physical voice. "Afterall, how could a boy who is conversing with a lifeless doll have any shred of sanity?" Is often what's questioned.
Ada's only chance to return to the humble life she once enjoyed - the life Carl and Ada both shared - resides in her sibling's young hands. The boy made a promise to his beloved sister: A vow to change her back, whatever the cost.
However, who has the boy made this promise to? Just how much does Nirvana recollect of Ada Clover?

RP sample:
[[ This is Nirvana's response to the little mini RP we did, that was supposed to take place in Circus. Carl's posts can be found in his application.

Carl and I thought it would be a neat idea to preserve the way everyone else sees Carl and Nirvana's 'conversations', while at the same time, allow Nirvana's true words to her companion to shine through. I decided that I could do this with a spoiler tag. So, in the roleplay posts below, if you notice a spoiler tag, it is Nirvana's "actual" unheard dialogue.
Anyway, here's the Roleplay Sample:-- ]]

Nirvana trailed behind her companion, in an all-too-familair fashion, her strange stance and slow pace somehow willing her to the entrance of the fantastic, brass gymnasium. Long, spindly claws grasp upon the rusted handle of the door, long past its prime. She presses it open with relative ease, as she is likely equally heavy as the door itself. It takes a moment for her to make her way inside - no surprise, with her sluggish pace.

I am grateful... I am growing very lethargic..

[her response to Carl's second post]

Nirvana's large, opal discus of-a-palm enclosed about the miniature nylon glove of her brother, a sight which may cause some to shriek, in fear for the boy. If one was to watch them longer, they would see truely how little they know a stranger..

Thank you, Carl. But, I can't accept that..

She follows her companion, ever slowly, ever surely, to wherever he may take her.



-(1) Deus Ex Machina Nirvana was created 100 years ago in the Dark War, along with all the other Nox Nyctores.
-(2) It's never explained how the machine got this, but it is interesting to note, that in the artbook that came with the limited edition version of CT, the illustrations of Ada transmutating into Nirvana look like the change "ended" at this point on her face.
-(3) On Carl's Story Mode in CT, after defeating Rachel in his lone duel with the vampire, she informs him that he'll need a stronger Nox Nyctores [than Nirvana] to have a chance at liberating Nirvana.
-(4) Fear: Nirvana becomes frightened when in the presence of Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn , Hazama/Terumi, and Nu-13.; Caring: Nirvana feels compassion toward Carl, though it isn't always easy for her to show it. Some examples: Her self sacrifice to save the boy, as mentioned in (6), and her concern for Carl's wellbeing, plus other subtle incidents I'm sure I can't pinpoint, but have seen over the year Blazblue has been out, thanks to my twin who is a Carl fan; Forgiveness: On Rachel's Story Mode, in CT, following the battle with Carl [once you defeat him], the prodigy is left unconscious, as Nirvana stands by his side. A moment later, Valkenhayn appears on the scene. Nirvana greets him in a hostile manner, posed for battle. However, once Valkenhayn explains to the doll that he "is no longer her enemy", she exits her battle mode, and allows him to accompany her on the way to Litchi's clinic, where Carl can get the medical attention he needs.; Concern: This can tie into fear, as in nervousness, but it also explains Nirvana's protecting nature over her young companion. Through reverse dialog, we can roughly translate what Nirvana says to Carl [since the boy nearly always explains what his companion has said to him], and it is not uncommon for the robot to warn Carl of danger, and at the very end of Carl's Arcade Mode (Calamity Trigger), she advises him not to become overzealous in his pursuit for Ragna.
-(5) In Carl's special intro with Hakumen during his Arcade Mode in CT, the legendary man explains that Nirvana's hands were never meant to shed blood. In CS, during an encounter between Carl and Rachel, the Alucard tells the boy that there are other Nirvana-bots [at least one that we know of is Ignis], and explains that the one that Ada is in [original Nirvana, of course, lol] is friendly and kind.
-(6) This event took place at the end of Carl's Story Mode in CT - when you play through the the story just right, you encounter Nu-13, just like in the clear ending. However, Litchi doesn't show up there to save them. In an act of true selflessness, Nirvana uses herself as a shield to safeguard Carl from all of Nu's attacks, an act which costs the doll her life. She does this on her own free will, and against Carl's pleads demanding her to stop.
-(7) So far, the only known beings able to "hear" her are Carl and Valkenhayn.
-(8) Whether or not this is daily practice for her, or an act that requires great focus and strength hasn't been stated. Unnegotiable moments of Nirvana moving with free will: On Carl's Story Mode in CT, Nirvana suddenly decides to run off on her own direction when she senses Tager, leaving Carl confused and in the dust, rushing to get back to her side.; The whole incident mentioned in (6).; The incident with Valkenhayn mentioned in (4), where Carl is unconscious and Nirvana brings him to a hospital; On Carl's CS Arcade Mode, Nirvana starts attacking Terumi without command, to protect Carl; Also, at the end of Carl's CS Story Mode, Nirvana saves both Carl and Litchi from harm's way.; Rachel's joke ending on CS, Nirvana joins the fangirl crowd who surrounds Ragna, but Carl is no where in sight.
-(9) Arc has given us more than enough information to know that Ada is indeed inside Nirvana, from Carl's canon information from CS in a nutshell. However, it was already foreshadowed long before this information was released, thanks to Nirvana's illustrations in the CT Limited Edition artbook [mentioned in (2)]. Also, it is stated flat out in the Blazblue Material Collection's exerpt about Ada Clover.
-(10) Plucked this from the Blazblue wiki, at wikia [I think the Hazama here maintains it, correct?] I did a bit of research, and I thought it was interesting to note my findings: "Kishin" is a Shinto term meaning "in possession of kami", whereas "kami" can be defined as "spirit or life force".
-(11) This part of Nirvana's past is sketchy, but it is known that the doll was, at one point, in Sector Seven's possession, and Kokonoe was able to create a replica of her heart for Tager. So, it is known that Kokonoe worked on the Nox Nyctores, but to what extent it isn't clear.
-(12) Blazblue's Material Collection states that Relius refers to Nirvana as an "Organic Unit". This title might be thanks to the fact that he incorporated Ada , a living being, into the Nox Nyctores.


One last note: Carl and I were discussing how it would work, if you guys accept my Nirvana, in terms of battle. We came to the conclusion that, during a fight, Carl could only be allowed a maximum of 3 actions per turn, rather than the original 4; Nirvana would only be allowed 1 action per turn [offensive or "defensive"]. I'm thinking that Nirvana could be limited to maybe 5 offensive posts before she becomes decommissioned, for a couple turns. Say 2 - 3? Does this seem fair to you guys?


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Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:30 am

Once again I have had the pleasure of reading an excellent application. Bravo Nirvana, bravo. I doubt anyone could have written this sheet better and I'm proud to give you my full approval. As for the battle restrictions I didn't intend to put a requirement but it's entirely up to you. I'll leave it up to the other staff members and see what they think but you should be fine. XD


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Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:09 am

Once again, I find myself very impressed. Both this and Carl's sheets far surpass my own, and I imagine your post length will put mine to shame ^^; It seems a lot of effort has clearly gone into this with all your research, and I have only one qualm and it is the same as I had with Carl. I simply wish you would take the "ifs" and make them into definites. It's definitely no reason to disapprove the sheet or even ask you to edit, I just hope you know what you want to make the truth as far as the rp goes.

Apps: 2

Diss: Nil.


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Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

Post by Webmaster on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:54 pm

Oh hell yeah.

Haku/Bang was often amazed by my sheets, but this is beyond awesome for a supporting character.
The only thing i doubt is the 100 years... i mean, she´s been with Carl as a human, so is Carl in his fourties/sixties or something..?

Oh wait, its explained further below... although i think CS has a different explaination (Relius made Ada into Nirvana through makeing her body into the nox itself or something like that), its good enough to be accepted by me.

Approvals 3

Disapprovals 0


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Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:46 pm

@ Hakumen - Thank you very much kind sir, I appreciate the kind words : )

@ Kokonoe - Thanks again, but oh, lol, yeah that is kinda true..I'll talk to Carl about that. It's kinda hard for Carl and Nirvana, since I think Arc wants them to have a "touch of mystery" about them. Don't worry, though, we'll get it sorted out before we start. It shouldn't be hard at all. Thanks for pointing it out -thumbs up-

@ Lambda-11 - Lol, thanks as well! And yes, it is kinda sketchy, the details here, but this is the way I see it. I kinda agree with the Relius Clover who signed up here that maybe Relius "found" Nirvana, because I don't think anyone can make a new Nox Nyctores..At least that's what I've come to believe from the canon facts.

I think Ada has only actually been Nirvana for like 4 years give or take. [ Since this is when Carl dropped out of the Military Academy, and this is when he suddenly "had Nirvana". So this would make a lot of sense if that was when Ada became the marionette.]


Thanks again, guys : )


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Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:45 am

with a Staff majority it's official, welcome to the forum.

Locked and Moved.
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Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Nirvana's App.

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