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Claiming Your Spot is a Perfectly Acceptable Way of Having Fun

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Claiming Your Spot is a Perfectly Acceptable Way of Having Fun

Post by Jimmothy S. Glasscannon on Wed May 16, 2012 1:20 am

Jimmothy S. Glasscannon had claimed his spot.

He had claimed his spot in this stupid section of this stupid town, and he was most certainly not just going to let people -sit- on it.


"HEY, ASSHOLES. FUCK OFF OF MY CORNER." Jimmothy got up from his seat leaned up against the lamp post, swinging around it to glare at the couple, or 'the prick and the whore' who had just sat down onto a bench. On -his- street corner! The couple stared at him sort of incredulously. He responded with a shake of the fist and a glare that could make -mountains- move. At least, he thought so. They just laughed at him and walked off, whispering to each other about the crazy kid on the street corner.

Very satisfied, Jimmothy took a seat back against the lamp post, slumping against it. He reached into his sleeve and plucked out a cupcake, nibbling on it idly. Success! The corner is protected as always. No assholes just taking seats without paying cash money here, no sir. He thought to himself, enjoying his clearly well deserved treat. He only ever stopped to glare or yell curses at whomever passed by. Or set foot on 'his' corner. Or even look at him. Man he was social.

Jimmothy S. Glasscannon

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