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Eta history revamp

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Eta history revamp

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:39 am

When looking at "That which is inherited", and upon seeing Relius openly stating that no Murakumo made before Lambda is still in existence, I realized I needed to rectify Eta's history section.

History: When Kokonoe attempted to delete Lambda's soul by making her her tool, she didn't expect her computers to be lying. What she thought was a complete deletion was actually an expulsion: the already broken Lambda's soul wandered out of her body aimlessly, but it was sure of one thing: it wouldn't be at Sector 7.
After days of wandering, the soul found what it thought would be impossible: a fully functional inanimate body. Stored in Jellal's secret hideout, that body was the one reserved for the dead mastermind's final plan of a Murakumo army: actually the body was Eta-7... or so he thought. Actually he had been fooled by the looks, and even if the homunculus was competent, it was in no way a Murakumo, just a copy... a very convincing copy, able to use a weaker version of Sword Summoner, and already inhabited by the soul of the 7th Prime Field Device Eta. Inhabiting the body, Lambda woke up with the memories of her "sister". Aiming for a peaceful world, she headed out in order to bring down first Sector Seven, then the NOL, even if she actually lacks the courage to do so...


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Re: Eta history revamp

Post by Tron on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:44 am

Yup. If we gotta fit it into canon, then we gotta do that. Looks fine to me.

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Re: Eta history revamp

Post by Webmaster on Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:02 pm

Its fine with me. I haven`t seen the whole backstory thing, but i don´t see any problems with this revamp.



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Re: Eta history revamp

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