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Tamurai Shukumei- the Half Nightwalker

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Tamurai Shukumei- the Half Nightwalker

Post by Tamurai Shukumei on Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:45 am

Name: Tamurai Shukumei (Battle of Revenge, Destiny)

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race: Human/Nightwalker

Appearance: Having a medium-build, his body is defined and well in shape, fitting well to the light tanned skin he has, bearing several scars: two broad weapon gashes along either shoulder, showing the points of entry from his being soundly beaten by NOL Elites upon his dropping into madness. It is within these areas that the cybernetic nerve replacements were installed before his fading into obscurity. His eyes are a light green, set opposite backlength blue-black(Navy Blue) hair kept in a long braid. his choice of attire is a dark red bodysuit, with hunter green streaks along the wrists, at the neckline, down at the base of the back. The bodysuit is covered in a thin plate-like armor from his days as a part of the N.O.L. Melee Infantry, something he kept after his transfer into the N.O.L. Armagus Infantry.

Loyalty: Ikaruga and the Murakumo

Personality: A semi-serious individual who originally uphelp justice, honor, and had a passionate sense of duty. His entire reality was destroyed when finding out the desperate truth that his family's lives were extinguished by the original creation of the Murakumo Unit: Nu-13. In his blind anger, he assaulted random N.O.L. operatives until being soundly crushed in battle by N.O.L.; it is only through the efforts of his mother and her helping to give him some sense of sanity, Tamurai would not be able to function. Presently he holds a weaker foundation of mental stability: formed by his mother's care for him over a 3-Year Period and his disillusioned mind that has him fully believing that the Murakumo units house the lives of his family, thus making them sacred chalices of souls. Between this twisted thought, the betrayal of NOL, and mental escapades of finding out of his Nightwalker blood; a complex balance of loyalty to Ikaruga and a need to be near Murakumo units has his mind teetering between semi-serious and calm to a guardian who is resigned to protect various Murakumo units.

Weaponry: Ars Armagus: Makigai Suibou(Spiral Shell Collapse)- Studded Rod & Spiked Shield

Abilities: Familiarity with N.O.L. Operations & Procedures(Explained Below), Skilled Ars Practitioner(Explained Below), Combat Experience, Hung Gar Expert Practitioner (Explained Below), Taijutsu (Body Arts) Combat Amateur Practitioner(Explained Below), Studded Rod & Spiked Shield Expert Practitioner (Explained Below), Makigai Suibou(Spiral Shell Collapse): Ars Armagus Expert Practitioner (Explained Below), Enhanced [strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, senses, and awareness of surroundings] (Explained Below)

Familiarity with N.O.L. Operations & Procedures- As an Ex-N.O.L. officer, he is well aware of the present procedures and operations of the Novus Orbis Librarium, while not serving him presently as a skill, the knowledge holds its uses when breaking into his former unit's section at the Kagatsuchi Branch. The information also holds its uses when conferring with any presently stationed officers, as a means of fooling them into believing he is still of their ranks. Given the quiet nature of his 'incident' he was never officially released from his station.

Skilled Ars Practitioner- As a way of his father's all-rounder method being absolute within the household, the result shows within the fact that Tamurai's talent at wielding basic ars and specific combat ars is too the letter. While not skilled in every form of Ars used by N.O.L. several basics, with a focus on weapon Ars and activation and the bodysuit/armor ars that he gained upon entry into the Melee Infantry unit of N.O.L., to present time he maintains practices of Ars to make sure that his skill is not lost.

Combat Experience- Due to his extensive martial arts training and time as a N.O.L. operative, it is likely to believe that Tamurai has clocked many hours of fighting experience against various opponents of various calibers. The application of tactics and strategy gained during this period of time has proved to be invaluable to him in his endeavors. While not making him a fool-proof fighter by any means, it allows him to be considered a formiddable foe.

Hung Gar Expert Practitioner- Listed as an expert practitioner of the ancient Shaolin martial art, this skill was taught to him by his father, Jun Rei Shukumei from the young age of 4. As his father drilled the skill heavily into his son, he ensured that his child would understand the finer insides and outs of the art that would become the basic foundation for his choice fighting style for hand to hand combat. Tamurai is well practiced in the skill and is capable of use of the entire employ of skills, with his slightly enhanced strength, it makes him something of a threat in hand to hand combat.

Taijutsu (Body Arts) Amateur Practitioner- a secondary style that Tamurai himself was trained in by his mother after she'd found him, while not his first style to be learned, his harsh and rigorous style of practice has allowed him to become mildly proficient at the skill in use, pushing himself hard, he attempts to learn the physical intense and acrobatic style of Taijutsu to a high degree, using it to supplement the foundation of his Hung Gar skills.

Studded Rod & Spiked Shield Expert Practitioner- As the weapon of choice wielded by his father and the only weapon that his father felt he should learn to wield; while forced to learn the difficult employ of methods, tactics, and use of both weapons: separately and together. Tamurai's mind houses a deep understanding of the studded rod and the spiked shield's use and even while the Armagus itself is not active; his skill of combining both weapon skill and hand to hand allow him to prove to be a formiddable foe.

Expert Wielder of the Ars Armagus: Makgai Suibou(Spiral Shell Collapse)- With the command to awaken the Ars Armagus being, "Striking in the name of Loyalty, I invoke the reach of the Static strength. Makgai Suibou Awaken!". With the main function of the Armagus is the manipulation of Static electricity that is generated via the length of the weapon, it holds a minor sealing Ars that helps to hide the Nightwalker nature present in his blood; an attempt of his father's to help him pass for human easier. Given point that he is an expert at wielding the Armagus, it is safe to assume that his skill of manipulating the static electricity is something decently rounded into three key forms of combat with it, one of which is employable only one at a time; with up to a 20 minute limit at the length of its use. The forms of combat are: Weapon extension, Projectile Form: [Orb, Pillar, & Shockwave], Mode of the Divine.

-Weapon Extension- Simply a method of increasing the range of either the studded rod or the spiked shield, allowing for a maximum range of 16 feet with the rod and a full radius of 6 feet in the shape of the shield's rounded edge. Both offensive and defensive techniques are potential to apply, with only light to moderate damage possible. Despite being a form of electricity, in realistic estimates the focus of static is not prone to give more than light to moderate damage against a target; depending on the amount of energy focused into the attack.

-Projectile Form: Orb, Pillar, Shockwave- little more than another form of manipulation, having enough control over the static's shape and density, Tamurai is able to focus the energy's form into the shape of an orb: that can be launched at a target through the air. Into the shape of a pillar: which is a vertical base about 6 feet by 6 feet in the shape of a rectangle base, used mostly for hitting an airborne enemy or an attempt to strike an opponent in front of him. And last but not leave, the form of a shockwave: a spreading wave in a 180 degree surrounding pattern around the body, reaching as far as 7 feet; each form depending upon their intensity: will only manage from light to moderate damage to a target.

-Mode of the Divine- Considered to the true mode of power for the Ars Armagus, it cannot be held for more than 7 minutes, before the intense static electricity numbs his body. As his physical shape is enveloped in a full aura of intense static electricity: his speed and power are increased 1.5 fold, with a minor boost to his defenses; the forms biggest advantages is that each attack is charged by a far denser form of the generally weak charge of static charge. While this form is most powerful, it is also one state that he never truly mastered and thus holds a great pressure on his body to hold it. The longer it is engaged, the more numb his body falls until soon he would lose all feeling within his body's abilities to move.

Enhanced [strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, senses, and awareness of surroundings]- Just due to his half-nightwalker physiology, Tamurai possesses a slightly greater set of durability, strength, and senses involved with his species's general advantages. This comes in the form of the ability to take more punishment than a human is capable of bearing with, the ability to track scents and see things normally invisible to the human eye, and the ability to maneuver in the dark in a way that is generally unlikely for regular humans to follow. While not over exaggerated, Tamurai's abilities do make him more powerful than the average human bounty hunter.

--End Abilities List--

History: Raised by his father and his step mother, Tamurai was only briefly told of his birth-mother's place in Ikaruga and her refusal to stand at the side of his father who had all but raped by; by his step-mother who was in fact his mother's sister, making her by blood his aunt. While resented heavily by his step mother, his father raised him proudly in the 7th Heiearchical city, Kazamotsu. Training him in Ars, a foreign martial art passed through his family bloodlines (Hung-Gar), and the use of his old weapon of choice: the Studded-Rod and spiked shield combination since 4 years old, Tamurai grew up to be a rigid combatant under strict rules. When old enough, his father enrolled him in the N.O.L. Academy and made sure that his son trusted the Librarium with a dedication that was greater than his love for his current family. The academy graduate joined the Novus Orbis Librarium and proudly served as a Warrant officer for a time, challenging himself with nothing but hand to hand combat against bounties. It was the skill shown and the high success of his endeavors that earned himself the promotion to the Melee Infantry.

While his peers were initially unimpressed by his success, due to the fact that his father had been an operative in the same unit as his son; it was during this period that his immediate family had disappeared. it was not until being stationed in Kagatsuchi at the age of 24, that he was slowly gaining recognition for his achievements. While N.O.L. HQ reported to him that his father and step-mother/aunt had died in duty on mission, as the report lacked anything beyond vague facts: internally a desire to know began to eat him up inside. However the remaining child of Shukumei's lineage remained loyal to the N.O.L., and the young man continued his career path in the Librarium. Over a 2 year period, Tamurai gained recognition for his weapon prowess during training exercises and actual use of his old family weapons during missions. It is finally after reports of his weapon skills and successes, that he was sent immediately to be tested for another position: the Armagus Infantry. During his 3-month testing period, he engaged in furious combat scenarios, test missions: all to gauge his weapon prowess. As he showed the extent of his rigorous training, he had gained a position; at the bottom of the Infantry's member list. Through maintaining humility, he had begun to gain recognition within the unit, until that fated day had come. While spending one of his days off, filing some reports, his curiosity had finally devoured him to a complete point.

Wanting to know about his father's disappearance, he used his new position to gain access to secret records of his father's records within N.O.L., though when denied access, it is only through a set of personal letters of suspicion left by his father and the laments of his aunt which brought him to the startling conclusion of N.O.L.'s involvement in his parents death. While still having nothing to substantiate the claims left by his father, the suspicions sent him into a breakdown. Unable to bear with the betrayal of an organization he dedicated himself to, he went on a rampage and attacked every operative in sight. The result of which was two floors destroyed in the Kagatsuchi Branch and around 35 members rounded before he had been soundly defeated by the members of the very group he was a part of. Placed under house arrest for his outburst, he is stripped of his position while his wounds are carefully addressed. Despite the psychotic outburst of his, his stellar records were the only thing keeping him from being executed. After being evaluated as mentally unfit, he is dropped off in Orient Town and the incident forgotten. He fell into madness and lived on the streets alone, falling back to survival instincts, he made a discovery of something that his father neglected to tell him: the fact that he was not of full human blood.

With heavy confusion filling his life, he fell into a heavy depression about his existence, the loss of his family, and a new fact that remained: he had no identity. After 5 months of living off of the scraps of society, he is taken in by an older woman who recognizes his eyes; once cleaned up and fed properly she brings him before her daughter and simply awaited her progeny's recognition. For the first time since his birth, Tamurai is embraced by the woman he would come to know as his mother. It takes over a month for the mentally distraught youth to come to terms with everything that had happened: his being taken from his mother, the disavowed knowledge that he had the blood of an Ikarugan survivor in him, the facts that he was of Nightwalker blood. Something that his mother knew nothing about, but helped him to come with terms too. Over the period of passing, his mother reveals that his father and her sister were victims of a sickening experiment, one that resulted in the creation of a Murakumo Unit. Consoling him as best she could, she might never know that revealing this to him would create a mental fissure within his mind: a need to believe the murakumo unit held remnants of his family and as this delusion would continue; ther family ancestors. As his mother helped him restore his tattered mind, his conscious decision to join the cause of Ikaruga. For the remaining 3 years, he is trained extensively by his mother in traditional Ikarugan Shinobi arts. While unable to give her son complete training, she is satisfied with his ability up to this point, and tells him that his family still lives on inside of him. The will to believe her words is what drives him on.

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Tamurai Shukumei

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Re: Tamurai Shukumei- the Half Nightwalker

Post by Webmaster on Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:55 pm

"The bodysuit is covered in a thin plate-like armor from his days as a part of the N.O.L. Melee Infantry, something he kept after his transfer into the N.O.L. Armagus Infantry."

Called Heavy Infantry and Ars Magi.
Also he seems VERY powerful at first glance, a lot of abilities and stats.


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Re: Tamurai Shukumei- the Half Nightwalker

Post by Relius Clover on Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:46 am

I agree with Caelica to a certain degree. While his abilities may be more or less balanced, the sheer number of them gives me real pause. I'm willing to give you some leeway based on your excellent performance with other roles in the past but in all seriousness your number of OCs is getting rather large and I strongly recommend making this the last of them before you overstretch yourself.



Relius Clover

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Re: Tamurai Shukumei- the Half Nightwalker

Post by Torakaka on Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:14 pm

You´ve been demodded. Your vote doesn`t count.

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Re: Tamurai Shukumei- the Half Nightwalker

Post by Webmaster on Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:43 am

Aside from what Relius said, i believe you can handle a powerful character. Just, try not to be a Jellal and troll everyone with it.

Approvals: 02

Disapprovals: 00

Locked, dropped, approved.


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Re: Tamurai Shukumei- the Half Nightwalker

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