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Rachel Alucard Temp [Work in Progress]

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Rachel Alucard Temp [Work in Progress]

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:42 am

Name: Rachel Alucard

Gender: Female

Age: 72,500 years, give or take.

Race: Vampire

Appearance: Rachel, who stands a lofty 4’9”, is a delicate little waif weighing no more than the fat-cat familiar she often wields. Her knee-length blonde hair is tied up in two large, black ribbons, the produced effect often mimicking rabbit ears – a fact that leaves her rather miffed if mentioned aloud. The petite vampire’s clothing is perhaps as heavy as she is, with layers of starch white, ruffled lace and crinoline covered by an exquisitely tailored black dress making up the bulk of the outfit, and a matching black, corseted jacket topping the whole affair. Both the dress and the jackets are adorned with large, rather ostentatious red crosses, though the jacket is nearly shown up by the enormous scarlet bow-tie at her neck.

In a cunning bit of colour-matching, the crimson crosses accent Rachel’s bright claret eyes, and bring a hint of pink hue to her otherwise pale skin. Her small body is perched atop a pair of black and silver platform heels – minus the heel. Regardless of this odd style, Rachel carries herself with the poise and grace of one long accustomed to wealth, privilege, self-confidence and style, stemming from her considerably aristocratic temperament.

There are three other very important pieces to her wardrobe that Rachel would never be caught without: their names are Nago, Gii, and Valkenhayn Hellsing. Nago in particular is a weapon, umbrella, couch, or any other myriad of things Rachel wishes him to be. Gii is her flying, squat, unfortunate fetch-boy, although her favourite use for him seems to be as a footrest. As for Valkenhayn, he is ever at hand to offer his mistress tea or sweets, always playing the part of perfect butler.

Loyalty: Herself, teatime.

Personality: Arrogant, selfish, apathetic, and proud can barely begin to cover the less-than-amiable adjectives one would use to describe this tiny vampire. Her constant boredom – risen from years spent in her castle – drives her to be on lookout for anything new and exciting, though in most cases, ‘new and exciting’ means someone is going to be on the receiving end of a beat-down; rarely will a day go by that her pet Gii isn’t maimed, whipped or nearly killed. Her treatment of said creature, as well as perhaps any other, is cruel and uncaring, and Rachel seems to pay no heed the pain she might cause others – with one exception: Ragna. Because of their history (and perhaps his good looks), the petite demon appears absolutely fascinated by the silver-haired man, often losing her focus or train of thought when in close proximity to him, and taking great pains to stalk him when she can. She is also particularly affable to her butler, Valkenhayn, in part because of his similar haughty nature.

Brought up as a proper young lady, Rachel has all of the perfections and faults of the aristocracy. She is also a bit of a conundrum; while her nature is one of a blood-drinking fiend, she absolutely loathes her vampiric urges, feeling them to be base and unrefined. To counter such crude desires, Rachel collects teacups, and – whenever it occurs – devotes herself entirely to Teatime, no matter the situation.

Weaponry: A Sankishin Unit known as Tsukiyomi. Rachel boasts it having the ‘ultimate defense’, and it has been shown to have the ability to block and completely nullify a blast from the Take-Mikazuchi.

Also, Nago.

Abilities: Arguably one of the most capable and dynamic beings to walk - or float over - the planet, Rachel possess a number of abilities that put her on par with the despised Terumi, enough so that they will avoid one another if at all possible. Through Silpheed, she can control the winds at will, but her mastery over pure lightning is what grants her such devastating power. The diminutive vampire prefers, however, to let her familiars handle most of the combat. Able to summon multiple creatures, Rachel acts in accordance to her nature, and sends others to dirty their hands in her stead.

The exact specifications for her other feats of power are vague, as she has yet to show most to their full extent. However, what is known is that the elegant blonde can create spacial distortions or - even more extreme - complete portals. Similarly, she can construct a separate dimension known as Requiem, which is connected to the dream world, and in which she frequently escapes the absurdity and tedious people surrounding her. Put to far less use is her vampiric bite, which has been shown, through Ragna, to have the ability to change a human into a similar creature as herself. Being part of her loathsome nature, Rachel relies on this ability a single time, and only in an instance where it was both self-serving and advantageous to employ it.

Conceivably her greatest ability is her capacity to exist outside and in-between the looping timelines. She retains all knowledge of the previous timelines, which leads her to manipulate future loops; this, of course, is in an effort to relieve her boredom.

History: Rachel’s long years of boredom were innumerable and insufferably monotonous until they were abruptly interrupted by the impertinent actions of the world around her. Because of her existence outside of the continually looping timeline, she was able to nudge certain individuals and events to move more towards her liking. Of particular interest were both Terumi and Ragna, the former of which she avoid while attempting to bring him down; the latter she followed obsessively.

When Jin Kisaragi was forced back into time, it was Rachel who convinced the injured man to be bound into the Susano'o unit, thereby eventually creating the creature known as Hakumen. In a later loop, she eventually frees the imprisoned Hakumen from the Boundary, upon which time he agrees to aid her in ridding the world of Terumi.

RP sample: (In the works.)


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Re: Rachel Alucard Temp [Work in Progress]

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:51 am

Unless Rachel/Valkenhayn confirms that inactivity is going to happen/ happens to him, consider this sheet out of place and meaningless.


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Re: Rachel Alucard Temp [Work in Progress]

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:46 pm

For the moment, I agree that there isn't much need for a Temp Rachel, she's hardly a hands on operator. However, I would like some more activity from our current Rachel and if that doesn't happen I will approve this sheet.

Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: Rachel Alucard Temp [Work in Progress]

Post by Valkenhayn R. Hellsing on Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:17 pm

Since it takes my official affirmation, I don't think it's bad posting here.

If you are willing to play her seriously, I will hand her over to you.

This is an official confirmation that I allow somone else taking the role of Rachel Alucard!

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

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Re: Rachel Alucard Temp [Work in Progress]

Post by Webmaster on Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:07 pm

Disapproved due to lack of activity.
The member can reapply when the activity becomes normal again.


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Re: Rachel Alucard Temp [Work in Progress]

Post by Sponsored content

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