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Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

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Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

Post by Y.Terumi on Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:54 pm

Name: Hazama (Yuuki Terumi)

Gender: Male

Age: In reality being one of the Six Heroes (well...formerly) Hazama is well known to be at least 140 years old however the "Kazume Homonculus Vessel" he uses for a human form now gives him an appearance to look around the age of 24 or a little older.

Race: Formerly Human, however after driving his very soul out of the Master Unit: Susano'o he is now a Ghostly apparition, most likely from leaving his physical body within the Susano'o Unit.

Appearance: The most distinguishing feature Hazama has is his odd colored lime green hair that goes down a tiny bit over his nearly always closed eyes, keeping his eyes closed all the time make people think he's squinting, when Hazama's eyes open it's revealed that he has goldenrod yellow Iris' with an ominous, black snake like slit pupil giving him more of an appearance of a snake. He wears brown, steel toed shoes with long, black trousers fitted firmly around his waist with two, brown leather belts with gold belt buckles in the middle of them both. He dons a pair of short, brown, leather gloves that only cover the palm of his hand, revealing all of his fingers including his thumbs, Hazama wears a long sleeved, white shirt covered by a short, sleeveless, black vest fixed on his chest with three gold buttons, along with the upper body clothing Hazama also wears a black tie around his neck, lastly Hazama has a black Fedora hat that he wears over his green haired head, Hazama also has a few different appearances, when he goes into his "Human Terumi" state his Fedora hat flies off his head and his lengthy, drooping green hair fires upwards in multiple spikes, Hazama keeps his eyes opened all the time as well and tends to have a lighter skin tone that he normally does. Hazama can also appear in his "Ghost" form where he has a human shaped appearance, but his entire body is black with a green tint as well, his entire body reveals multiple green colored veins and his face only has one large beady green eye and an ominous, curvy red smile. Back in the past and most likely in his "original" body Hazama kept himself covered with robes that gave him the appearance of a powerful sorcerer, no one knows what Terumi's body looked like before his ghostly apparition was transfered into the "Kazuma" Homonculus Body that none other than Relius Clover designed for him. Along with his belt Hazama dons a silver, stainless steel chain that clips from his belt to his front left pocket and also wears a Austrian wrist watch around his right hand.

Loyalty: Hazama is loyal to himself, however he stills works with the NOL as one of Saya's "henchmen" or so to speak.

Personality: Most of the time Hazama acts like a cool, calm individual who people wouldn't truly expect to being evil, but in reality he is a cold, cruel, evil, hostile person who has committed so many wrong deeds and simply laughs at every single one of them. Most of the time Hazama likes to throw a barrage of insults and nearly everyone he meets whether it be to there face or behind there back, he also has a tendency to release a sinister, evil snickering like laugh that could run chills down your spine. However Hazama has yet to throw any type of insult to the Imperator AKA Saya, Hazama despises loud noises and cats and tends to curse and scream a lot whenever he is near someone from the Kaka clan or Jubei for that matter due to there feline appearance and nature, this is mostly due to having a severe allergy to cats, Hazama also likes to collect accessories and likes to eat boiled eggs. Hazama always tends to show an evil smirk or smile on his face and rarely takes it off (unless he's near a cat.)

Weaponry: Hazama wields a powerful weapon, a Nox Nyctores to be exact, the name is Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros (Snake Claw: Ouroboros) which is crafted into a hook shaped like a snake's head, the end of the snake head chain is actually not a real chain, but is one composed of green and black dark energy, Hazama apparently doesn't keep the weapon in his body but instead can fire it from a small green and black portal with a swipe of his hand, the snakes head opens it's "mouth" to reveal four, metal fangs which bite down on the foe causing extreme pain, Hazama can also use Ouroboros to propel himself from far distances or simply use it for attacking purposes, despite it's shape Ouroboros can do major damage than what is expected.there is also the side effect of being bitten by Ouroboros that could destroy your very mind itself. But the effect is only noticeable after several hits by the Nox Nyctores.

Hazama also wields a pair of Balisong-style butterfly knives that he uses one in each hand, besides Ouroboros and his actual physical body for attacking Hazama tends to use these knives most of the time and has been shown to be extremely well in using them, the twin handles on each knife are adjustable and Hazama can grip them to hold them as if they have one handle and mainly uses these knives for close combat. (obviously) with these knives and Ouroboros in his grasp, Hazama is a major threat to all ranged fighters.

On the side Hazama also has a near limitless amount of basic Throwing knives that he mainly uses for distractions and is also skilled with throwing them perception ally. yet another threat of Hazama to watch out for.

On yet another side note besides his weapons Hazama can also create black and green apparitions for attacking which he mostly uses to form snakes, this also includes his Distortion Drives and his Astral Heat.

Abilities: In battle, Hazama wields the Nox Nyctores, Ouroboros; a steel hook crafted in the shape of a snake that he summons in front of him, attached to a chain of green/black energy which he can use to attack opponents from afar or reel them in as well as zip around the battlefield quickly, if not instantly, and close gaps between him and his foes. On the other hand, he also uses Balisong-style butterfly knifes for close-range attacks. Most of his attacks are similarly based on summoning green/black energy and serpentine apparitions to attack his foes, with his Astral Finish being a gigantic cobra of green energy composed of many smaller snakes. Outside of his magical prowess, Hazama incredibly nimble and flexible, his moves vaguely reminiscent of dance techniques.
Having been the original creator of the Azure Grimoire, he possesses his own imitation, activating it in an identical manner to mock Ragna. When activated, a large magical circle envelops him, slowly sapping away vitality of anyone who steps inside.

According to dialogue Hazama at least in his true form is able to erase memories by "eating" them saying that they are delicious

Skilled Knife user: Hazama has been shown to fight with knives extremely well including his butterfly knives, he has also been shown to have excellent precision when firing his throwing knives and is very skilled with them.

Excellent physical fighter: Along with his knives Hazama mainly fghts with his own body, despite his skinny appearance Hazama is actually very muscular and can do some decent damage with his feet and hands, as a matter of fact all he uses are his legs and hands for physical contact.

End of Abilities.

History: Yūki Terumi was originally one of the Six Heroes who fought against the Black Beast in the First War of Magic. He created the Azure Grimoire and in turn, the Black Beast and had wished to quell the mistake he had made. However after the beast was destroyed, he turned his back on the Six Heroes, and murdered one of them, Nine AKA Konoe A. Mercury. He was the original owner of the Susano'o unit armor which is now in possession by Hakumen, and it is assumed that, after realizing he was forever linked to the Master Unit while in the armor, he drove himself out of it- which is possibly why he now appears as a ghost. He was formerly sealed away in the Boundary after Hakumen sacrificed himself to pull him into the Boundary, with help from Jubei. He was later released by Takamagahara. Hazama then revealed that he was the one back then who "killed" Caelica Mercury, manipulated Jin Kisaragi to burn down the church, cut off Ragna's arm then kidnap Saya all together. After it was revealed that Hazama was really pulling the strings he began putting his plans in motion, he ordered Tsubaki Yayoi to find and kill Jin Kisaragi and Noel Vermillion even though she failed in her mission it was revealed by Hazama that he only gave Tsubaki such a mission so Jin Kisaragi wouldn't be able to mess with his plans anymore and to hurt Noel to make her easier to manipulate and become Mu-12 and most likely kill Tsubaki. Despite her failure Hazama was able to manipulate Noel by revealing to her the truth of her origin and who she was, sealing and re smelting her in a cauldron on the roof of the NOL Headquarters in Kagutsuchi into Mu-12.

After manipulating Noel into Mu Hazama forged a Life Link with her to make him nearly unstoppable, and as he was about to kill Ragna Nu-13 who was controlling Lambda-11's body jumped in the way and saved Ragna's life, angered Hazama killed Lambda but ultimately failed when Nu allowed Ragna to absorb Lambda's Idea Engine granting him access to the "True Azure" and ended up defeating Hazama, however due to Ragna's hatred towards him Hazama did not die even though Ragna chose not to give him the final blow as well. As he fell what seemed to be an unconscious state Noel was ultimately snapped out of her manipulative trance by Ragna utilizing the True Azure once again, however this wasn't a major loss for Saya AKA The Imperator managed to destroy the Master Unit: Amaterasu and Hazama joined up with Relius Clover, Saya, and Litchi Faye Ling and Tsubaki Yayoi both of whom Hazama himself manipulated in joining the NOL. With a final goodbye they all disappeared where Hazama and Relius later discovered the remains of Nu-13 who was regenerating through sheer will, Hazama and Relius decided that Nu would now become the Sword of The Imperator, Izanami. Hazama is currently still working with the NOL, well...mostly Relius Clover and Saya in there quest to change the world into what Saya or "The Imperator" thinks is the right world, a world where time doesn't loop and when someone dies, they stay dead for all eternity....A world filled with death.

RP sample: You guys should know me by now XD

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Re: Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:34 am

App is finished.


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Re: Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

Post by Webmaster on Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:46 am

Approvals 01

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Re: Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

Post by Tron on Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:49 pm

Both apps are good, but I can only approve one ._.

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Re: Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:56 am

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Re: Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

Post by Bang Shishigami on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:55 am

Update: I'm not going through with it. Jin can have the role

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Re: Hazama/ Yuuki Terumi (Jin's Hazama app)

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