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E'thale, Elder Born Homunculus (Complete)

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E'thale, Elder Born Homunculus (Complete)

Post by E'thale the Tainted on Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:14 am

Name: E'thale the Tainted

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (In Appearance), Over 60 Years of Age

Race: Homunculus

Appearance: With tawny brown skin (think Ganguro-ish) and dull amber eyes opposite a shade of dark red hair resting at his feet. The over-excess of hair seems to be the way of identifying his unit, as the hair will not allow itself to be trimmed if at all for very long. The build is lean and lithe, to allow better agility in the design; the muscular physique is unnaturally defined and a main reason that he is known to be an early proto-type. The attire is simplistic in design, a strange design of a black body-suit covered by a kimono top and hakama bottom, both of a light red shade and matching. The attire's purpose is simply a method of defining him as the prototype and naturally built in for replacements to be sought out should his original attire be destroyed (a method of tracking him should he leave).

Loyalty: N.O.L, himself

Personality: Level-headed, focused, proud, and calm to almost a fault, this homunculus has since being re-awakened has been free to enjoy the life given to him. He was certain that he could make something of his present and future. So maintaining a positive outlook, he is kind, forward, and known for his compassionate

Weaponry: Schwarzvald's Reach, Orphaleon System

Abilities: Homunculus [strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes, awareness of surroundings], Regenerative factor, Combat Experience/Knowledge, Schwarzwald's Reach [4-6 Alloy Claw hands], Orphaleon Support System: Mode- Shroud, Battle Mode, O.S.S.(Orphaleon Support System) Boost Modes: Overdrive Mode and Limit-Shift Mode, Outdated tracking systems, Outdated Database link to N.O.L

Homunculus [strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes, awareness of surroundings]- Being of an older type of homunculus created through principles of early alchemy, his body is somewhat more durable than the Murakumo Unit types; being denser slightly but not as durable as a cyborg form. He is still flesh and blood, despite a difficulty to incapacitate him due to the creator: Relius Clover being known for effectiveness of design.

Regenerative Factor- With a standard ability to regenerate, while able to reverse minor damage (i.e.: hole in the stomach in a non-critical region), with surprising effectiveness when not in battle (Basically staying in one spot to rest); if engaged within battle, he may be bleed until he is no longer able to function. Regeneration is only properly in use whenever he remains inactive during the time(no combat situation is acceptable during regeneration).

Combat Knowledge- As expected of one of Relius Clover's earlier projects, he is well estimated to have been a battle-ready form who has faced off with numerous opponents when in testing phase of it. E'thale is a practiced combatant of general skills and has a unique ability when refering to old knowledge he had priorly attained. However, this poses as a double edged sword: while able to recognize tactics similar to the ones he has on record, he is prone to assume too much based off of them at times and will make a mistake when devising a counter. He is prone to make mistakes that can be costly despite his experience.

Schwarzwald's Reach- The primary weapon-system of the archaic Homunculus outside of his mediocre physical strength, these 4-6 Alloy Claw Hands are normally attached to the back:(Over the shoulders, the middle back, and the lower waist) are the primary mode for action[Offensive, Defensive, or Mobility], these devices are made of a relatively durable alloy, capable of deflecting bullets and resisting various means of destructive attacks; while lacking the power of such weapons of superior power (Ars Magus, Ars Armagus, Nox Nyctores, etc), the claws have been tainted by brief exposure to the Boundary(To say the least they won't break in one- two hits at least xD). The Schwarzwald's Reach can be used for Offensive use through actions such as: Claw slashing, Palm smashing, Balled up fist punches, grabbing/clutching a foe, throwing various items[barrels, tables, chairs, bricks, stones, etc] at a foe(s), with other creative uses being potential. Defensive uses are in the form of: claw hand blocking (individual deflection/blocking of bullets or projectiles), claw hand wall (placing them next to one another in a row), other methods of some kind of defense. Mobility through the forms of spider crawling (each claw hand moving forward along various terrains(up buildings, along mountainous/hilly regions, sandy regions). Basically allowing higher speeds than regular movement (i.e.: outside of walking, running, or other actions).

Orphaleon System: Shroud, Battle Mode- The counterpart system developed by Relius Clover and modified later by some crafty technicians in the labs who awakened the Homunculus; it is installed in the center of E'thale's core and is the primary method of defense/offense against any force that might threaten his existence. Running off of the mysterious alchemy constant developed by the ruined notes left behind by his creator, a constant known as 'Xanthos' by the technicians for the unique trace streaks of the brilliant yellow-shade left in its wake. The Orphaleon generates this energy in an overzealous manner and often must expel it in order not to overload itself. This is where the 'Shroud Mode' was born, as a method of constant use of the replicating energy form; which generates a seemingly solid energy form in that of a shroud covering the back and shoulders of E'thale, fashioned like a cape. Seemingly useless, the true potential of the shroud is to help tall leaps from high places; by providing slight energy currents that are projected downward, the impact is lessened significantly (dependant on the time it has to react).

While possessing a Battle Mode, the Orphaleon System is limited in its practical use; generally only able to manipulate itself in the form of energy, the Xanthos energy may be expelled in forms of: Barriers, Orbs, Energy Pillars, Blasts/Bursts, or even beams. However being that the constant itself is not particularly powerful, the success is limited entirely upon the concentration of the Xanthos within each blast used. With a potential for damage being ultimately low, it is only when the system is either sent into Overdrive Mode or Limit Shift Mode as to where the true dangers lie for the foe(s).

limits: Concentration ranging from 30% to 230% (measured by opacity [transculent to opaque visually], weak to strong]). Damage output when at low is capable of minimal damage: Enough to blind or knock over a target but without much lasting effect (30%), to damage capable of shredding clothes with ease and possibly damaging the target with mild lasting effects (230%).

(Note: the weakest blast might be enough to bruise a wall, the strongest blast is still blockable by any canon character with minor damage to their physical person)

Overdrive Mode: An early model of a boost mode for the homunculus body, it requires the efforts of both the Orphaleon system and Xanthos to fuel this state, he is capable of exerting 400% of his original power system, becoming a more dangerous force in this state; capable of producing a form of the Xanthos constant labeled 'Shinzenbi Xanthos' otherwise known as The True Xanthos, is a more destructive form of this normally weak power constant. The tactic of the form making use of the alterations to the Xanthos shift makes use of the excess energy and makes the appearance of cosmetic wings, as the Mode reaches its final moments (the last 5 minutes), the damage capability reaches its peak; briefly allowing a moment of moderate to high destructive damage towards foe(s); while still avoidable entirely, it is the final moments that must be made to count.

Limits: No more than 10 minutes as a maximum period of employment before the O.S.S. overheats, potentially then damaging the unit with exposure to the Shinzenbi Xanthos(For battle purposes I'll need more than 5 minutes since this energy basically is worthless otherwise. Also just given he's underpar(energy-wise) without this state xD)

Outdated Tracking System: State-of-the-art technology as many as 60 years ago, this obsolete programming allows limited tracking of a target over a 20 mile radius, lacking the ability to connect with modern satalites; due to this lack of updates to the system, it is used in only extreme cases of tracking a local target that is not privy with system jamming.

Outdated Database Link to N.O.L: Top of the line 60 years ago, this technology still allows basic connections to the main database at N.O.L and is made use of for little more than giving orders to E'thale whenever he is away from HQ, while capable of updates; the N.O.L have seen little point in updating the information to this officer and ignore that purpose of its use.

End Abilities

History: Created by Relius Clover by means of exploring the realm of early alchemy before his mastery of the form of creation, E'thale is merely another dead-end device that had its high points of his short-lived career. During a period of 4 years, he was briefly used and sent on missions to collect data, defeat parties of opposing nature, defending Relius Clover with his experience gained in combat. However after the brilliant man found no more use for his interesting (but unfortunately inferior) device, he placed E'thale in a capsule and left it in the Sheol Gate to be stored and forgotten. Which was just the case as considered, as after more than 60 years of sitting in the capsule meant to rot for an endless amount of time; it was not until a team of technicians found this outdated technology in the Sheol Gate. The thought of amusing themselves in off-time with this old piece of technology seemed interesting enough and so they had the device retrieved from its storage capsule.

Taking the old-style homunculus, it was briefly looked over and immediately the tinkering with the only present piece of technology; dubbed the Ophaleon Support System, the lab people had no idea what they'd done; unveiling the homunculus naturally awakened him after a three week period. Exposure to the gate for the period had altered his original 'programming' and allowed it to adapt a strange consciousness which came to rule and command the mind-set of the body. With a new adaption of his original creation, E'thale has taken practical active duty with N.O.L's general forces once again. Due to his creator's genius in design, he has found place as a Warrant Officer; where arresting criminals is a regular duty.

RP sample: I imagine you guys are used to me by now =3

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E'thale the Tainted

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Re: E'thale, Elder Born Homunculus (Complete)

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:54 am

Everything looks good but the Limit Shift Mode seems a bit iffy to me. I suggest ditching it and making the Overdrive Mode a little bit stronger if you truly desire a "super mode" per say.

Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: E'thale, Elder Born Homunculus (Complete)

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:15 am

Now that edits have been made I'm perfectly happy to approve this.



Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: E'thale, Elder Born Homunculus (Complete)

Post by Webmaster on Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:50 am

Approvals 2

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Re: E'thale, Elder Born Homunculus (Complete)

Post by Tron on Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:20 pm

Okaaay. Simply okay o:

Approvals: 03

Disapprovals: 00

And therefore...let's move this~


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Re: E'thale, Elder Born Homunculus (Complete)

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