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Iron Tager ["Finished"]

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Iron Tager ["Finished"]

Post by Tager on Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:21 am

Name: Iron Tager
AKA "Red Devil" / TR-0009
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Cyborg
Appearance: Iron Tager is a person of very large frame, towering over almost everyone with a height of 240 cm and a weight of 550 kilograms.
His skin is of a reddish orange: considering that, his two protruding lower teeth and his mainly red outfit, he has been dubbed 'Red Devil' and is known by that name rather than Tager or his "fabrication" code TR-0009.
He wears a dark red shirt which is a little bit clearer between the two zippers, and metal plates hanging from the sides of his hips. Those are worn over what seems to be a skirt of sorts. He also has huge metal gauntlets that are actually complex machinery (described in weapons).
Loyalty: Sector Seven, especially Kokonoe.
Personality: Despite his appearance, Tager is a very calm and calculated person, more befitting of his position of professor at Sector Seven. Being a mainly sane person, he has a distaste of pointless battles and prefers to talk his way rather than using force. What is also notable is his extreme loyalty to Kokonoe, which could lead him to faults: even though he sometimes disagrees with her view of some things, he'll never ever disobey her and will do whatever possible to have her satisfied.
Weaponry: Tager owns an Artificial causality weapon, that allows him to have more reserves of power than just his own. His gauntlets can produced short-ranged electric bursts and act as magnets, allowing him to magnetize objects and draw them to him.
- Tremendous physical strength and endurance: Tager's big frame allows him to have a solid resistance to attacks and to toss people around with apparently no effort.
- Great intelligence: Tager is gifted with good tactical analysis capabilities (which seem to stem from his lost past as an Ikaruga rebel).
- Technological Support: Kokonoe installed a support system inside Tager. This system can be used to enhance his eyesight, check the status of his body, or some other applications.
- Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon Backup: When Tager activates his artificial causality weapon, he has access to even more raw power than without using it.
-- Drive: Voltic Battler: Magnetizes the opponents, allowing him to use the magnetic pull for his attacks.
--- Distortion Drive: Magna-Tech Wheel: Tager spins around with his gauntlets emitting strong magnetic bursts for wide damage, then punches the opponent to the ground so strongly that s/he will bounce from the impact, allowing him to follow with an overcharged magnetic punch called Terra Break.
--- Distortion Drive: Genesic Emerald Tager Buster: Tager grabs his opponent with one hand to uppercut him/her in the air, then jumping to slam the foe into the ground from a great height.
--- Astral Finish: King Of Tager: Tager pulls in his enemy to grab him, and propel himself to the sky while still holding the opponent, which he uses as a heat shield for re-entering atmosphere and slamming the foe to the ground, falling like a meteor.
History: Tager is originary from Ikaruga. All known about his past there is he lead an Ikaruga unit during the Civil War, and suffered a mortal wound during a NOL ambush. It resulted in his death.
He was later revived by Kokonoe as TR-0009 "Iron Tager" in his current body, becoming a field operative and a scientist at Sector Seven because he had pledged loyalty to Kokonoe. He made him be feared by many, and earned the nickname "Red Devil" for those exploits. With such a reputation, Kokonoe sent him to retrieve Hakumen and chase Ragna as a secondary target. Doing this, he made a front assault in the NOL while Ragna had broken in; though he had to retreat quickly. His next mission was to capture the Eye of the Azure, Noel Vermillion, and bring her to Kokonoe. However, he was defeated by her and couldn't accomplish his mission. By the time he found her again, he was late: all he could do was escorting her with Makoto out of Kagutsuchi.
RP sample: I think you know well how I do RP by now with Majamu, Reiei and Zeta around.

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Re: Iron Tager ["Finished"]

Post by Webmaster on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:01 pm

It works for me. Tager does have a lot of history but most of it is unknown, so if you don`t want to make anything up, its okay for me. Personality and weaponary sections could be a little longer, but i´m not going to nitpick.

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Re: Iron Tager ["Finished"]

Post by Bang Shishigami on Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:17 am

Mechanical man beast! You dare defile this humble forum with your girth and demonic whimsy! Have at you!


Bang Shishigami

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Re: Iron Tager ["Finished"]

Post by Tron on Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:08 pm

Yay, a Tager :3

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Time to move this~

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Re: Iron Tager ["Finished"]

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