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Zeta-6 [Done]

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Zeta-6 [Done]

Post by Zeta6 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:59 pm

Name: Zeta-6
Gender: Female
Age: 8 or 9
Race: Cyborg
Appearance: Zeta-6 shares most traits with all Murakumo Units. She is small and frail (150cm - 43kg), but is more resistant that one could expect. She has pupilless blue eyes and long blonde hair flowing behind her back, down to low on her back. She has also a long blue and white weird-shaped cape kind of similar to Nu's except it's longer and leaves most of her back bare. It doesn't feature red tape seals, but she has some on her strange tiara... What she wears under it is just a tight hips-short red robe that lets most of her back exposed too. She wears no shoes or gloves or stuff like this, so her outfit is plain and simple, for having plenty of space to equip Jinchi on her body. She carries the item as a huge sword on her back.
Loyalty: Jellal Fernandes
Personality: Zeta-6 behaves, unlike most Murakumo Units, like any cute kid. She is sometimes childish and always wants to have fun. Even when fighting, torturing or killing, she'd have a smile on her face. Pain does not hinder her: she feels it, but it's fun for her. It's very hard to read her behind her smile, which makes her really hard to understand. Her words may seem totally unpolite, and her giggling can be outright annoying.
She has a psychopathic "crush" on her sisters Murakumos, willing to "have fun" with them all the time and pursuing them on sight.
Sometimes her more sinister robot-like persona shows up (around Nox Nyctores and Azure Grimoire wielders), and then she goes all rational, bitter, and hateful to the world. But once again, her feelings do not vary when fighting, killing, torturing, or stuff like this.
Despite the fact that her feelings never change, her way of expression those changes according to which mood she's in.
Weaponry: Not being in possession of the Nox Nyctores Murakumo, Zeta-6 was given an Armagus reminiscent of it, Jinchi. Jinchi is an enormous sword that can change partially its shape to fuse the parts of itself (it's actually a sword made of two blade and four laser guns hidden in itself) with Zeta to form diverse kinds of weapons and battle suits. Unlike most Murakumo Units, Zeta has no battle form.
- Good durability and regeneration that come with being a Murakumo.
- Ability to use Jinchi as an oversized sword.
- Use of parts of Jinchi as little beam guns.
- Drive: Blade of Blood: Inflicts damage on time to opponents when they're hit (when an attack of hers hits, the opponent is "poisoned" and takes damage over time (like 1% of the char's health each second during 5 seconds)).
-- Distortion Drive: Grounds of the Renegade: She uses Jinchi's blade as ice skate equipment to slide on the ground, tripping her opponent, launching him with one more kick, and then performing a spinning backflip kick before falling back to her opponent (and finally turning to him/her).
-- Distortion Drive: Buster Blade: Zeta impales her enemy with Jinchi, then unveils the two big twin laser guns hidden in the sword and fires with them.
--- Astral Finish: Tenchu - Killing Strike: Jinchi separates into two swords and two big twin laser guns. She impales the opponent from both sides with her swords and attaches one beam cannon to each. She then flies above the opponent, does a thumbs down, and the cannons fire.
- A very particular magical link with Jellal.
-- Teleporting to Jellal.
-- Telepathy with Jellal.
History: Zeta-6 was fabricated with Saya's genome in the most standard way. But the NOL did never awake her and dropped her body in the nowhere because she wasn't a real progress since the previous replica. After years of oblivion, she was found by Jellal, who took her body and awakened her. The first thing she heard was Jellal's wish to have her join him. She simply accepted, feeling indebted to her savior. Due to his influence, she is toally devoted to his project of conquering the world. Their already strong bond was even taken to a whole new level when they decided to share a magical link. With those links and Jellal's kindness, Zeta is dead-set on conquering the world with the one she holds dearer than a father, also desperately wanting to meet her sister Murakumos to "have fun with them". Perhaps in her diseased mind it is to prove to the world she is not a failure. Tagging along with Jellal has an impact on her mind, and she slowly begins to regard him as more than just a father figure. She is planning to help Jellal in building an army of cyborgs based on Murakumo blueprints she has memory of, and using it to rule the world with her life-mate...
RP sample: Versus Jellal Fernandes.
(OOC: All mentions of Jellal Fernandes have been authorized by him.)

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Re: Zeta-6 [Done]

Post by Webmaster on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:51 pm

Seems to me like a weakened version of Mu-12... not sure if you´re going for that, but oh well. Zeta is fun to play with as i had the honor with her on the chatbox and i´m looking forward to shenanigans with her and Nu.

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Re: Zeta-6 [Done]

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:47 pm

Meh, no complaints here. Have fun with your shiny new killer cybernetic pre-teen.



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Re: Zeta-6 [Done]

Post by Torakaka on Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:20 pm

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Looks okies.


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Re: Zeta-6 [Done]

Post by Sponsored content

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